Acupuncture - Moxabustion and unique forms of Chinese massage, such as Cupping, Gua Sha and Tui Na, are used to release tight muscles, improve blood circulation and activate natural healing responses in the body.

Acupuncture is delivered by a trained Acupuncturist (R.Ac) using sterile single-use needles according to a detailed system of Chinese (TCM) medical diagnosis.  By activating specific nerve pathways and natural healing mechanisms the healthy functioning of your body's endocrine-immune-nervous systems can be maintained or enhanced to overcome disease or to prevent illness. 

Diet Therapy

In order to promote healing and to sustain treatment results the right building blocks need to be in place to re-balance, repair and rebuild tissues in the body. Together we work to saturate the body with foods that are dense with healthful nutrients that match your body's needs, while simultaneously working to remove foods that don't support your health and wellness goals.  Guided by a combination of modern dietary science and ancient Shi Liao (Chinese diet therapy) principles we can identify easy, manageable steps to support the body work you receive in treatment.


Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine can be a powerful and effective complementary treatment to any Acupuncture protocol.  At our clinic, we currently offer a range of medicinal teas, tinctures and products in compliment to acupuncture treatment. Our range of medicinal teas and tinctures have been formulated as general tonics and to aid common, uncomplicated ailments by our Western Medical Herbalist, Katrina Forgues. For individuals who may benefit from formal herbal consultation, and who have complex medical conditions, Katrina offers thorough private consultations where she formulates custom herbal medicine preparations unique to your health needs and wellness goals.

Lifestyle + Movement

Together we will find practical and manageable ways to meet your goals in health and treatment. We will target areas of improvement and identify and remove obstacles preventing you from your wellness goals.

My focus in treatment is to empower clients through education, movement therapy and self-awareness practices for the betterment of their health. My hope is to encourage clients to make confident and informed decisions about their health and well-being.

I am trained to develop treatment plans that are complimentary with all other forms of medicine or medical practice and strive to work closely with other medical professionals and wellness providers. I actively refer clients when further medical intervention is necessary or when more appropriate treatment is available and out of my scope of practice.



Hypnotherapy + Meditation 

Hypnosis and Meditation can play a key role in setting the stage for positive change. As the saying is written: 'Where the mind goes, the body follows'.

I am trained in Hypnotherapy and guided meditation techniques and encourage all patients to cultivate a mindfulness practice in their lives.  Sound and Aromatherapy are also included in advanced Acu-Hypnosis treatments.