What is the practice of herbal medicine?

Herbal Medicine is a form of complimentary medicine in which plants are used therapeutically to address physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing. As one of the oldest forms of medicine it is deeply integrated into our history as human beings, its practice built on through hundreds, if not thousands of years of folklore, experiential data, texts etc. In compliment to this rich history, plant medicine is now increasingly backed by scientific research, being integrated into mainstream medical practices more and more. 

Medically trained herbalists offer a form of healthcare which is not exclusive to biomedical care provided by a Medical Doctor, but can be used in compliment with the objective of providing the best effective care & better quality of life for patients. 

What can herbal medicine help with?

In short, Herbal Medicine can be a helpful therapy for any condition outside of those that need serious & immediate biomedical attention. Anything that an individual wouldn’t need to go to an emergency room for can be addressed using herbal medicine.

Some of these areas include:

  • Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

  • Digestive Health & Chronic GI Conditions 

  • Women’s Reproductive Health

  • Men’s Reproductive Health

  • Skin Health

  • Children’s Health

  • Autoimmunity

  • Musculoskeletal Conditions

  • Nerve Disorders & Neuropathies

  • Fertility, Maternal Care & Postpartum Care

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Endocrine & Metabolic Support 

  • Allergies

  • Acute Infections (Colds, Flus, UTI’s, etc)

    The above list mentions many of the common areas of health treated with herbal medicine but is not entirely exhaustive. If you are interested in finding out more about how herbal medicine can support you and your unique needs as an individual, please get in touch at info@cjracupuncture.com


Herbal Consultation

What to expect during our meeting.

Intake Form

Your first herbal consultation experience begins with a thorough intake of your medical history - this is best done before meeting so that Katrina has time to review your case and prepare any relevant research or materials which may be of assistance in our consultation process. Upon making your booking, you will automatically be sent an intake form - if you are able to fill this out in advance it allows for more time to be spent investigating, discussing & weaving together your story. 

First Consultation

During your initial consultation, we first address what you are looking to receive from seeking out support via herbal medicine - what your health goals are and what you might be able to expect as far as what kind of support plant medicine can provide.  Following this, we have a long conversation (60-75 minutes, or longer if additional time is needed for complex cases) which includes a thorough discussion of your medical history, a review of the functioning of your various organ systems & taking note of any signs and symptoms which might be related to your chief complaints and areas of health you are looking to improve. In addition to focusing on putting together your health history, we also discuss your diet, sometimes addressing possible sensitivities (etc) which may be related. 

Phyto (plant) Therapy
Beyond taking a deeper look at your physical health, we often spend time talking about emotional wellbeing and mental health. In addition to providing support on physical & biochemical levels for experiences like anxiety and the sensations and symptoms that accompany it, herbal medicine can offer a more energetic and holistic form of allyship. For many individuals, the natural support that plants can provide to nourish, raise mood, ease discomfort and calm nerves, alongside developing a closer relationship to plants proves to be a great support to their mental wellbeing. This area of support is something Katrina is truly passionate about providing as an aid to the increasing occurrence of stress, anxiety & emotional/nervous debility in our highly stimulating & overwhelming modern world. 

After our discussion and any simple orthopaedic tests (recording blood pressure, abdominal palpations, measuring heart rate, etc) that are of interest are performed, Katrina will then formulate customized herbal medicines during your consultation (if further research is not required & time permits) - tincture formulas, teas/decoctions, capsules, topical treatments for you to begin your herbal regime right away. In addition, Katrina will provide other areas of advice within her expertise in regards to supplementation, diet & lifestyle practices that might be suitable & supportive.

Most often, patients receive 1-2 weeks worth of medicine, and are strongly encouraged to schedule a follow up appointment after that period. In our follow up appointment we check in on how you are feeling with the formula and take note of any changes to your health (30-45 minutes). After seeing a patient initially and getting familiar with their story, Katrina is able to provide shorter consultations to make adjustments to formulations as patients needs change.

Cost of Medicine

Typically the cost of a herbal medicine regime will be between $20 - $35 / week. 

What you can expect as far as your treatment timeline, changes to your health & quality of life
Herbal Medicine can be both gentle and powerful. While there is never any guarantee of complete resolution of all that ails you, and herbal medicine has its own limitations, most individuals find reasonable if not substantial positive progress & support in receiving herbal therapy. 

Treatment duration can vary depending on whether we are working with acute or chronically presenting symptoms or conditions, how long they have been present & individually varying responses to herbal treatment. If you would like more information & to talk further about what treatment might look like for you please get in touch for a free fifteen minute consultation. 


Full Western Herbal Medicine Consultation

A full initial consultation provides the space & attention to offer patients a thorough intake and space in which all of their health concerns can be heard and addressed using plant medicine. 

For most individuals, it is recommended to begin with a Full Initial Consultation to ensure a thorough history & understanding of your wellness as an individual is observed and recorded in order to navigate effective herbal treatment.

For new patients, a full initial consultation is required, after which shorter follow up appointments are usually adequate as monthly - bimonthly - or bi-annual check ups.

Custom Herbal Tea Formulation

For those interested in the gentle “everyday” support that herbal teas can provide, Katrina offers short (15-20 minute) consultations to formulate custom herbal teas using medicinal grade herbs from her apothecary. If you would like, you can join Katrina in combining herbs and help with blending your tea.

This is a great option for non-complicated herbal support & those interested in:
• pregnancy teas

  • postpartum sits

  • yoni steam formulations

  • working with plant allies for gentle emotional support

  • nutritive tea blends & smoothie mixes

Educational & DIY Herbal Workshops

Katrina offers a variety of entry-level herbal medicine workshops & free open house tea blending events at our clinic. Check the link below or our Facebook page to view our upcoming workshops & events.

Collaborative Workshops & Small Group Offerings

Are you a like-minded holistic practitioner who would like to collaborate on a herbal medicine related offering or looking to add a fun wellness activity like aromatherapy or tea blending to your gathering?

Let’s get creative! Get in touch with us at info@cjracupuncture.com if you would like to share the joys of plant medicine with your community :)

Herbal Formula Customization & Compounding for Practitioners

Custom formulation & compounding services are available from our herbal apothecary for trained health practitioners who would like to develop their own formulations for their patients. Please get in touch with us at info@cjracupuncture.com if you would more information. 

The Herbal Collective

Join our community of herbal enthusiasts - gain access to our dried herbal apothecary, receive exciting seasonal herbal recipes, access free exclusive member workshops, plant walks & meet-ups.

coming soon

Holistic Skin Care Consultation

coming soon

In compliment to practicing herbal medicine, Katrina is also passionate about and specialized in holistic skin care, having formerly developed her own successful natural skin care line “Pure Skin Botanicals” using various botanical extracts & plant medicine protocols to address common skin concerns & support a natural & vibrant “glow”. Taking a step back from the world of retail, Katrina is now excited to offer one on one support and custom skin care product formulation.  By using natural ingredients & plant extracts customized to your needs as an individual, alongside addressing areas of health related to the skin internally, Katrina aims to support patients in finding their skins natural balance & feeling comfortable, vibrant & empowered. 


About Katrina:

Katrina Forgues is a Western Medical Herbalist who has been professionally trained to practice herbal medicine in a clinical setting, having received a Diploma of Phytotherapy (Honours) from North America’s most comprehensive program for Western Herbal Medicine at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC. 

Sharing plant medicine is my journey in life - I want to help people discover their deeply symbiotic connection to nature. I want to help you find allies that meet you with relief. I want to facilitate a safe space to unravel your wellness story. I want to listen.
— Katrina Forgues, DIP. Phytotherapy
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