Community Partnerships

 CJR Acupuncture is committed to making our community a better place by instilling our values in everything we do in the clinic, our neighbourhood, around Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan. In this section you will find Community Partnerships we have built to do just that.  If you know of an event, charity or organization that we may be interested in supporting feel free to contact CJR Acupuncture for collaborations.


Mamas for Mamas 

Founded in Kelowna in April 2014 as a 100% volunteer run organization Mamas for Mamas is a registered non-profit organization that supports mothers in crisis, and provides ongoing support to low income mothers in overcoming the negative impact of poverty and marginalization.

CJR Acupuncture supports Mamas for Mamas by providing discounted access to Community Acupuncture and Private TCM therapies at CJR Acupuncture as well as supporting a 'momma a month' with treatment. We have also donated a La Bassine portable birthing pool in hopes it will afford the opportunity for many mothers to be to explore home-birthing options. We collaborate with mamas in need to inform, educate and support women before conception, during pregnancy and throughout motherhood. Stay tuned for partnerships and charity events!


Invati Yoga + Wellness

Invati Yoga + Wellness is a studio that offers a variety of yoga and movement classes, mindfulness and meditation workshops, as well as private therapies and a wonderful juice bar. Invati brings together the community of Lake Country by providing a place for all things wellness.

CJR Acupuncture collaborates with Invati Yoga on special offerings like Yin Yoga + Acupuncture and other community oriented programs. Check out our friends at Invati Yoga + Wellness!


Malachite Midwives 

Malachite Midwives is a group midwifery practice founded on the principles of holistic care in which they strive to cultivate physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual health of their clients, support for the intense work that the childbearing year requires, trust in the innate ability of women to birth their babies and empowerment of families to achieve their best pregnancy & birth possible. They also aim to engage in shared decision-making according to the wisdom of women and the values of their families.

CJR Acupuncture supports Malachite Midwives by offering discounted access to Community Acupuncture and Private therapies at CJR Acupuncture and education surrounding the use of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Western Herbal Medicine and TCM therapies pre-conception, during gestation and post-partum.

As supporters of the natural birthing process, and young parents ourselves, we are thrilled to be able to offer our support throughout this exciting and transitional time in a family's life. 


Tandava Yoga

Tandava Yoga is a beautiful studio located in the MIssion area of Kelowna offering a variety of yoga and movement classes, mindfulness and meditation workshops, and private therapies.

CJR Acupuncture supports Tandava Yoga by providing co-hosting special events such as our popular Yin Yoga + Acupuncture offering and other workshops and educational talks.


Oranj Fitness Kelowna

Oranj fitness is a community focused, group fitness studio that inspires an environment of health, personal greatness, fun and community. By providing the community with fun and cutting-edge exercise classes, they are setting the bar in high-end fitness, spin, dance and yoga classes.

Personal development, empowerment, entrepreneurship, balance, fun and goal setting are all core values that Oranj strives to incorporate into our daily lives while supporting their members and  community with a genuine wish for everyone's success.

CJR Acupuncture supports Oranj fitness by providing discounted treatments for members as well as co-hosting special events such as our popular Yin-Yoga + Acupuncture offering. Stay tuned for more fun events!


Alliance Jiu-Jitsu

Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Kelowna, formerly known as First Strike Martial Arts Academy, is Kelowna's premium martial arts school. As First Strike was growing they were invited to join the 11x time world BJJ champions, Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Association. They bring to you world class instruction for kids, teens and adults. They have classes for beginners, intermediates, advanced and competitors. They also offer Muay-Thai kickboxing and Strike Fit Kickboxing Conditioning classes.

CJR Acupuncture supports Alliance Jiu-Jitsu members by providing discounted treatments for members as well as co-hosting special events and educational talks. 


Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness Kelowna is a coach led workout facility that provides a variety of 60 minute work-outs to optimize your fitness and keep you on track to reach your fitness goals. Their HIT work-outs that are monitored with state of the art heart rate monitors are proven to allow clients to enjoy the benefits of their calorie burning work-outs for up to 36 hours.

CJR Acupuncture supports Orange Theory Fitness Kelowna members by providing discounted treatments for members as well as co-hosting special events and educational talks.