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What can I expect when I come to Community Acupuncture?

When you arrive in the studio please remove your shoes and find yourself an open chair.  Place any belongings you may have with you in the bins provided next to the chairs and feel free to hang your coat and get comfortable.  Help yourself to our complimentary herbal tea (in the carafe) while you are waiting for your intake. If this is your first appointment, and you have not filled out an online intake form, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can fill out the required forms before treatment. While waiting, and at all times while in the room, be mindful of others and respect the intention of the community space. Part of the beauty of Community Acupuncture is the healing intention that is held by everyone in the room. It is all our responsibility to use quiet voices, to express patience in everyone's journey through treatment (snoring, emotion, etc) and in general be respectful of others in the space. This being said, please also be mindful of your appointment time. Because intakes are on a short rotation if you arrive more than 5 minutes past your appointment time we may not be able to guarantee your time-slot and/or you may be delaying the next patient. Please be considerate of your appointment time, we will always try our best to accommodate everyone. 

When it is time an Acupuncturist will be with you to take you into a private room for a short 2-5 minute intake where your tongue and pulse will be evaluated and your chief complaint heard. You will then be escorted back out to your recliner in the community studio and treated in the chair.

The minimum recommended treatment duration is 30 minutes but patients are welcome to rest as long as they would like, time permitting. When you feel you are ready, or if you have a concern, please flag your Acupuncturist down with a wink, wave, or by using a quiet voice and they will be with you shortly to tend to you or remove your needles.  If you see your practitioner busy with another person please be patient and you will be tended to as soon as possible.

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Kelowna's Community Acupuncture Studio


What is the difference between Community Acupuncture and Private Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture:

In community acupuncture you will have a brief intake (2-5 minutes) and be treated in a communal room.  The treatment focus in community acupuncture is a distal style of needling which often employs needling locations of the body that are on meridians no where near the location of your concern. Don't panic! This is the intimate system of Chinese medicine and acupuncture at work and is how community acupuncture is designed to operate. Using the ancient system of meridian balancing we can alleviate pain and troublesome symptoms using acupuncture points on the arms and legs which affect the overall well being of your body, bringing things back into balance. We promise that our treatment goal always remains the same no matter which treatment or therapy you choose - to get you better!  In this light although all disorders can be treated in a community acupuncture setting, there may be times when one may wish to go to a private acupuncture treatment instead.

Private Acupuncture:

In a private acupuncture treatment you will receive a thorough intake (20-30 minutes initially and 10-15 minutes thereafter) where you will be provided with a treatment plan, recommendations which may include diet therapy, exercise/stretching/movement and lifestyle recommendations, and any referrals to other medical professionals that may be important to your treatment.

Private treatment may include use of tools and therapies such as burning Moxa (a herb that is burned to produce infra-red heat), Gua Sha (a myo-fascial scraping technique), Tui Na (Chinese massage therapy), Aromatherapy, Sound therapy, E-stim machines (micro-current), TDP lamps (infra-red heat), lancets (bleeding), ear seeds / tacs, etc to provide the greatest therapeutic effect in treatment and throughout the course of the treatment plan.

In a private treatment setting some specific needling protocols, that are not available in a community acupuncture setting, can be applied given the increased level of privacy and ability to drape patients appropriately in private room.


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Why do we offer both styles of treatment?

Although acupuncture can produce immediate relief from many symptoms, a typical treatment protocol for a chronic disorder could be much longer than a single treatment, or even several treatments. We often insist that patients commit to between 4 to 8 treatments for acute problems and at least 10 to 12 treatments for chronic problems. Throughout the treatment protocol we will evaluate your progress and adjust our treatment plan as we go.  By the end of a series of treatments it is often very obvious to both the patient and the practitioner if acupuncture will be of benefit or not to their condition.  It is my obligation to you to always be as honest as possible as to when I think a therapy will not benefit your concerns.

Because of the necessary treatment lengths for more chronic disorders, Community Acupuncture is the perfect tool to assist the recovery of chronic and stubborn health problems by greatly reducing the cost of treatment protocols, which simultaneously encourages patients to stick with their treatment plans and have the most success with their health and well-being.