Christopher J. Russell

Owner, Registered Acupuncturist


Growing up in Northern British Columbia in the small town of Terrace BC I was surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers, and the lush Great Bear Rain Forest which afforded me the opportunity to develop a keen appreciation of Nature.  Surrounded by natural beauty I started my study of the natural Sciences as I transferred to the University of Victoria and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. 

I was always fascinated by chemistry, physics and microbiology and was drawn by the concepts, laws and theories that were fundamental in explaining the phenomena and interactions of the Universe to which they pertained.  I had always hoped to relate my intrigue of the natural world in a way that would help deepen my understanding and ability to protect the landscapes and the way of life I had come to realize growing up. Studying science helped me become a critical thinker, develop an analytical mind and value a results oriented approach to medicine, but seeing the world from only this epistemology prevented me from understanding some of the more bizarre and 'quantum-like' happenings I had witness and researched in healing spaces.

During the end of my Chemistry degree I became deeply intrigued by Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and my experiences of Acupuncture and Western Herbal Medicine.  In my training and practice with Hypnotherapy I began to realize the potential of the human body to heal spontaneously, to recover with suggestion and to overcome what were once life-limiting beliefs and patterns by accepting and integrating suggestions on a deeper mind-body level.  As my experience with Acupuncture deepened I began to correlate the familiar "Acu-bliss" state to the void space that was accessed in the Hypnotic state.  I believe this phenomena is a body-state related to these true healing events which occur when the body is able to integrate the signals received from an Acupuncture treatment in order to self-regulate, re-approriate resources and activate natural healing mechanisms innate to the body to prevent disease, overcome illness and recover from pathological processes. 

In a world overwhelmed, overstimulated, and over-stressed, promoting the body into this healing space became an obvious solution to the growing disconnection our society has been experiencing. It became clear that the power of Acupuncture to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, affect nervous tone and regulate the immune-endocrine-nervous system could be a powerful tool to aid in healing the body in a fundamental way that many western therapies and medical interventions could not provide.

Growing up with mental illness, trauma, and drug addiction within my family I have come to realize the short-comings of the Western Medical model as it stands, which provides little support for mental-emotional disorders, favours masking symptoms over uncovering the underlying root causes of illness and pathogensis, and offers little in terms of preventative medicine.  The broad spectrum balancing effect of an Acupuncture treatment provided a way to affect the whole body system in an elegant and well defined system of experiential medicine backed by modern research and thousands of years of refinement in practice. The lens of Chinese Medicine also provided a framework for personalized diet and lifestyle advice to help patients reach their wellness goals through optimizing diet, nutrition and forms of movement and exercise.

The deeper I dove into studies and practice the more I came to realize that Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine could seemlessly co-exist in harmony and be complimentary to one another if one could get passed the sometimes bizzare language surrounding it's rich and powerful theories.  Just like in Science, theory only takes you so far, so although theories can guide us in treatment it's really only the clinically relevant ideas that I'm interested in.

When we combine the best of both worlds we end up with the most effective holistic patient care.

I believe Acupuncture and TCM therapies can be both an effective and complimentary treatment to many illnesses and ailments.  CJR Acupuncture sees patients from all walks of life, children to seniors, for health concerns from pain, mental-emotional disorders, fertility/pregnancy, insomnia/sleep problems, digestion, stress, hormonal regulation, skin conditions and all other conditions you would seek the care of a general practitioner (MD) for.  Although Acupuncturists do not act as primary care in British Columbia we are trained to integrate with all other forms of medical therapy and able to detect red flags and refer patients when the signs of serious conditions beyond the scope of our medicine present.

Aside from dedicating many hours in continuing study for the betterment of my patients I am also passionate about affordable medical care which is why CJR Acupuncture is Kelowna's premier Community Acupuncture Clinic offering affordable Acupuncture and premium services for everyone in Kelowna and the Okanagan.

See you soon!

Continuing Education:

Si Yuan Balance Method - Core Foundations Track

Debra Betts - Maternity Acupuncture: Developing Confidence and Credibility

Qi Beauty International Practitioner Training Intensive

Gellis Acupuncture - Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Gellis Acupuncture - Advanced Techniques in Facial Acupuncture

Gellis Acupuncture - Facial Cupping and Gua Sha



Katrina G. Forgues

Co-owner, Medical Herbalist, Skin-care Expert


Katrina Forgues is a medical herbalist that specializes in supporting and treating medical conditions with herbal medicine.  Aside from her medical practice (soon to launch @ CJR Acupuncture), Katrina has a special focus in treating disorders of the skin and has developed an all natural plant based skin-care line, Pure Skin Botanicals, which is our feature skin-care line at CJR Acupuncture. Along side her skin-care line she has formulated a medicinal herbal tea line, Pure Botanicals Teas and Tonics, which has been designed to support conditions regularly seen in our Acupuncture clinic.

Katrina is CJR Acupuncture's resident skin-care expert, product development co-ordinator, social media expert and medical herbalist. We look forward to the re-launch of Pure Skin Botanicals product line as well as the start of her medical herbal practice and herbal apothecary @ CJR Acupuncture in the near future.

Katrina will be available for holistic skin-care consultations, medical consultations, herbal compounding / tincturing and operate a small herbal dispensary @ CJR Acupuncture.