Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is a grass-roots Acupuncture movement that has been allowing patients to access the benefits of Acupuncture at an accessible rate since it was developed. The movement, believe it or not, started not in China, but in the U.S. where clinics popped up to serve those in need of affordable Acupuncture.

In China it is not unusual for a patient to receive a daily prescription of Acupuncture, or to be treated for many years to manage a chronic condition or disorder. Some patients will visit daily for acute disorders and others for many years for chronic problems. Here in lies the difficulty, in North America it becomes impossibly expensive for some to receive the required number of treatments to be successful in their wellness goals.  In China their integrative hospitals allow thousands to receive regular Acupuncture treatment but we just aren't there yet in North America. 

We can all acknowledge that sometimes in life there are no a quick fixes, and that for some managing pain or a health condition can be a lifetime reality.  We know here in Canada that our current model of health-care doesn't afford everyone the option to access Acupuncture for treatment, so that's why we offer Community Acupuncture with the intention of making Acupuncture protocols both effective and affordable to our patients.

Receiving Acupuncture in a communal setting is also an experience of it's own.  The healing intention of the community space is held by all the patients receiving care and can also be something truly special in of itself. We hope that not only can we give great Acupuncture treatments at an affordable cost to you, but that we can also develop a culture around wellness that will continue to support the community to which we love and belong.

In a  community acupuncture treatment you will have a brief intake (2-5 minutes) and be treated in a communal room.  The treatment focus in community acupuncture is a distal style of needling which often employs needling locations of the body that are on meridians no where near the location of your concern. Don't panic! This is the intimate system of Chinese medicine and acupuncture at work and is how community acupuncture is designed to operate. Using the ancient system of meridian balancing we can alleviate pain and troublesome symptoms using acupuncture points on the arms and legs which affect the overall well being of your body, bringing things back into balance. We promise that our treatment goal always remains the same no matter which treatment or therapy you choose - to get you better!  In this light although all disorders can be treated in a community acupuncture setting, there may be times when one may wish to go to a private acupuncture treatment instead.

If you have any other questions about Community Acupuncture let us know and we'd be happy to share more! Hope to see you soon :)