PUMPKIN SEEDS. ||| #whatweeatwednesday Pumpkin Seeds are incredibly rich in Zinc - a mineral that is important for reproductive health - Adding 2 Tablespoons of Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Seed Butter to your daily routine can be very helpful for improving Prostate Health, Low Libido & Infertility.
They are also a traditional remedy for intestinal parasites/worms, but in general are helpful to cleanse the intestines beyond pathogenic infection. Lastly,
Pumpkin Seeds are a handy snack to have if you suffer from Nausea & Motion Sickness



DATES ••• #whatweeatwednesday

Some Random Health Tidbits about dates & why we think you should eat more of nature's CANDY!!

• Many Traditions believe that eating one date a day lends to good health, also that eating a date before meals can help to reduce the desire to over-eat.
• Dates are Rich in minerals like potassium (more than bananas), calcium and magnesium
• Supplement in your diet to help build blood
• Helpful snack for hypoglycaemic attacks
• In Ayurveda, dates are known to be Sattvic (promote peace of mind) and nourish the Ojas (our source/essence relating to overall vitality/vigor/immunity)
• In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a related species of dates commonly known as Jujube/Chinese Date or Da Zao is used to tonify digestive (Spleen) energy, nourish blood and calm the spirit and is often used in formulas for anxiety and insomnia.


Instead of a recipe this week, we encourage you to try a simple medjool on its own - they are truly nature’s candy!! We also recommend adding them to your morning cereal/porridge/puddings/yogurts/smoothies and replacing portions of sugar in baking with dates to add a little more of a nutrient kick ;).

Chris Russell